Resin Tags
- Once you purchase a tag you must fill out a form (see below for link)
-Processing time 5-12 days
- I do not take custom color orders but will do a custom design on any available tag
- Releases are on Sundays at 8pm EST

** Friendly reminder: these tags are hand poured and completely handmade- they will NOT be perfect. I do my best to make high quality tags but there will be some imperfections on the edges from time to time. This is especially true for Glitter based tags. It is the nature of the material.

Lightweight Tags
- You do not need to fill out an additional form, you will fill out what is necessary before purchasing
- Processing time 1-5 days
- Custom orders are welcome! Message me through my site with the chat function or dm me on Instagram to make sure I can design what you want. Click here to dm me.

You must fill out a form for each Resin Tag purchased:

Click Here for Form