Our Story

Our Story

It all started back in 2017 when I was working with my 1-year old German Shepherd, Moose, on structured meal times. For whatever reason he just was not interested in eating his food all at once or he got bored too quickly (even rotating different flavored foods did not work). I went out and talked to a reputable trainer and it was strongly recommended that I make his food more “enticing” by adding irresistible foods on top. I started with his favorite peanut butter, then bananas, then beef, then pumpkin before I knew it I was cooking 3 course meals for my pup. Don’t get me wrong I did not mind doing this because Moose was eating like a champ but I knew there had to be a better way to make his food more enticing without losing the nutrients of the added whole foods.

A few months went by and I was still “prepping” Moose’s (and Lulu’s-she got gourmet meals by default) when one day it clicked. Moose LOVES freeze-dried beef. It is the one high value treat where I can really get him to focus during training. That night I decided to skip meal prep and crush up some dried beef onto Moose’s kibble and Voilà! He ate it all up! The next morning, I set out to find other single ingredient freeze-dried treats for variety and I came up short. I looked online and in all my surrounding pet stores and unfortunately, I could only find preservatives, GMO’s, and 10+ ingredient treats.

I decided to reach out to multiple manufacturers of freeze dried products and was on a mission to find a USDA Certified facility that could produce a non-GMO, wholesome, and USA sourced product. One month later, I had all the ingredients to make the first batches of both the Beef, Sweet Potato & Green and Peanut Butter, Banana and Pumpkin Flavor Boosters.

It’s precisely that unconditional love for my pups that inspired me to create the Flavor Boosters. I believe the love that I have for my own Moose and Lulu is shared directly with your dog as they enjoy every last crumb of each and every meal they eat.

Human Grade

I pride myself on offering human-grade Flavor Boosters and dog treats. This means that every ingredient is healthy and fit for human consumption and prepared in a human food facility; it’s guaranteed to be healthy for your pet. Our dogs are part of the family, and they don’t deserve to eat anything that we wouldn’t feed our human family. This focus on quality and integrity is the reason Moose and Lulu’s exists. We are in business to make a positive difference in our pets’ lives and feed them Flavor Boosters and treats we can all be excited about.

100% Natural:
Every Ingredient is a product of the USA, human-grade, and 100% natural.

Added Nutrients:
Our treats are not only safe, but that they also provide essential vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and offer allergen-free options.

No Nonsense:
There is NO wheat, corn, soy, animal byproducts, meal, chemical preservatives or certified (FD&C) coloring in any of our products.

Verified Research:
Every one of our products is registered, has been independently tested at a 3rd party lab and includes a guaranteed analysis as required by state law.